Shells & Windsurfing

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 5 May 2012 12:35
At 0400 on Thursday we moved anchorage – it is soooo rolly in Gustavia, it’s unpleasant, so we motored round to Anse de Colombier which was better – just a 2M ride into town in the RIB. Later that morning Suzanne went off with Marie Claire to Shell Beach, for coffee & swimming, although when we met them later they seemed to have wine glasses on the table. We had been to Shell Beach the previous day and over lunch a model comes to the shop downstairs and parades around in skimpy outfits – very entertaining.
Jean picked me up and we went off the Baie de St Jean to rent a Hobbie Cat, but when we got there they were not in service, so Jean talked me into a windsurf board, for the first time, he gave me a lesson and I managed a few metres, might well go again, great fun and good exercise. This island is really lovely (Bob’s so right – English do say lovely a lot) it feels like a holiday and the people (women) are so slim, attractive and tanned, absolutely not one ounce of blubber on the beach, and some things are very pert. So ladies move to a warmer climate, get your kit off more often, stop eating American food, eat a French diet, leave the carrier bags behind when you head to the beach and don’t carry a chair from the car. Just go in your bikini bottoms with your sunnies and take a French book (learn a language while you tan), rent a lounger and an umbrella, then pose !! – and see if you can hook a hunk - tres chic – it’s good for everyone, the women feel good, the men strut their stuff and the game begins !!
Friday we had Michel & Marie Clare over for lunch and then on Sunday afternoon Tony & Margaret arrived from St Martin in their Hylas 54 after their new engine trauma and we emptied a few bottles of wine as they both felt they could finally chill down after all the hard work and upset.