Fort Lauderdale by Dinghy

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 31 Dec 2011 16:01
We did a few jobs around the boat yesterday, I greased the 4 electric winches (still have another 3 to do) and used a whole tub of Lewmar grease (tropical sun just evaporates it) on my very complicated Harken winches – we have 7 and there are 3 designs all different to service so I had to download the manuals – stupid. Our Lewmars on the Moody were so much easier and you could leave the winch handle in when using the electric, whereas the Harken eject the handle over the side and into the oggin – stupid !!
Suzanne polished the stainless and the winches and we had agreed to go into town with “Joalea” in our dinghy, up under the low bridges (about 5ft) and then down the New River to get something to eat. A great night looking at all the tacky lights, really tasteless. Later a beer and calamari at an Irish Bar and then to the fab “Fisherman” restaurant near the Inlet, just off SE 17th St bridge.
I went out for a run in the dinghy yesterday and broke down. Opps sounded like fuel – No, tank 3/4 full, OK lift the prop and check for a dead manatee – No, no guts tangled round the prop. Then I notice the fuel connector had come off the tank. It was impossible to re prime with the bulb, so I had to use the ignition key to press down the ball bearing in the engine end of the fuel pipe and then squeeze the bulb to bring the fuel through, all while I am drifting down current towards the bridge. But of course I had life jackets on board, had my VHF on Ch08 dual watch (I called Suzanne on the yacht to let her know) and my 60ft anchor line – so never in any danger.
Today it’s Hot Hot Hot – 25 degrees at 0900  but really hot in the direct sun, feels like 30, and tonight, Old Year’s Night we are eating with “Joalea” and then hitting the beach for a Midnight Beach Party
See you all next year and A Very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year to you all in 2012