Meeting Friends in NY

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 18 Aug 2011 21:05
Back at Liberty Landings on Pontoon I 08, and its soo friendly, we are next door to a lovely New Zealander, called Ozzie, who has been so helpful he’s 70 but so young in spirit.. He’s offered us a lift to the supermarket then he’s taken David to the local West Marine store, then to the Propane filling station so David could fill our new gas bottle. He drove us around in his fabulous Mustang.  Of course we showed him our appreciation by having on board Suzie Too for dinner one evening, where I served once again another wonderful impromptu dish finished of course with a New Zealand white and a bottle of French for David.
Kirsty and Thomas are from Norway, we met them in Grenada, they are moored here in Jersey city for a month, so it’s been nice to catch up with them as they did a different route to NY than us, they did Cuba, Jamaica to the Bahamas and then the east coast of the US up to New york.  Which is our route down in November back to the Caribbean.
Any way, we had a few evening together on Suzie Too reminiscing the islands we had visited and planning the future trip, we also helped Thomas celebrate his 39th Birthday in the Oyster bar overlooking Lower Manhattan, which has a special Oyster and Burger night on Thursdays all for $20 dollars per head, very good value (Yea well the final bill was $260 Ouch !!! Ed)