Fisher Island

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 1 Jul 2011 07:45

The next island was Fisher Island, beautiful bay, with sandy beaches, but it like going back 50 years. 4 shops, the ice cream shop had a broken freezer and the Café closed at 2pm, so pretty dead… but I saw a famous Hollywood movie star, but still cannot remember his name,  you would need lots of money to live on this kind of reclusive island.

Next was our destination Mystic seaport, we set off a 06.00am as we need to time the river right on the flood and in time for the rail bridge to open then the road bridge which opened on request 40 mins past every hour.  So off we went and for once everything went to plan, the fog stayed away so we could see clearly the Meandering river, the coastline was dotted with huge houses all with the US flags flying proudly and beautiful gardens down to the river.  What a wonderful looking place.

We moored against a wooden pier against wooden piles and we were given fender boards to keep us clear of the pier.  Mary the dockmaster’s helper was brilliant and helped us dock and filled us in on the amenities.  The only thing wrong with the place was the cost $540 for 2 nights including the museum and the shipyard, gulp!!! Our budget was blown out of the water again.