Dodgy David's Weather Techie Tip

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 9 Jun 2009 17:49



Those of you that try and find a decent weather forecast may have come across dear old Frank Singleton’s home page at and thought “what a bloody mess”. Anyway that nice Ed at MailaSail has tidied it all up and you can now navigate straight to and see that not only is all Franks’ stuff now tidy, but Chris Tibbs has also been signed up ready for some input from his pages.


This link is quite clever –  you can pick it up from the same web site and it’s from the Met Office, but cobbled together by a Dutch Web Site and gives you 9 synoptic charts in one hit – you can then click “edit>>select all” then click “file>>save as” and keep the charts for later reference on your PC - how about that for value on your 3G card or slow Internet connection.


I use these pages and the GRIB files from to see if I can make any sense of the weather – it’s still mostly a guess, but hopefully with the odds stacked in our favour.


Hope you have fair weather for your passages this year.


Love  Suzie Too