Stow Away - Alter do Chao

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 5 Apr 2010 01:03
The other night Suzanne was on the boat alone - I was out overnight on a Shaman Tea Ceremony (but that's a different story) and she was not sleeping worried about what was happening to me in the cult - sorry I mean community.
She had to endure a horrendous electrical storm right over the top of the anchorage, with squalls and torrential rain, so spent much of the night in the cockpit.
At around 0400 she noticed lights and voices on Enez Mimosa shining torches in the rigging and a lot of voice traffic on VHF 69 in frantic French - unsure of what was happening
They had a sloth swinging from the rigging !! it had swam from the shore in look for food, Bernard thought they had a burglar on board at first.  The sloth was the size of a large child, with huge claws, they spent an hour trying to make it get off the boat into the water but it was not having any of it and went higher into the rigging.  In the end the Bombeiros were called and at 0500 the Bombeiros boat with flashing lights and siren wailing with the organizers of the Rallye Jacqueline and Patrick armed with a camera to record the event. 
An hour later the sloth was wrapped up in a net and hanging in the net from the front of the Bombeiros boat in the water headed off to the far bank away from the boats, once again all was calm in the anchorage.