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David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 2 Oct 2009 03:13
It's been the most beatutful sail today - can't beleive how well she is going. I clocked the log up and down the river in Portimao and she is 5%-10% faster with hard racing antifioul under engine.

Today sailing we had to motor to Cabo Sao Vicente and then had a brisk F4/F5 making 9kts STW, but since leaving the 4 lane TSS the wind has never been much more than 8kts and we are still making 6kts!! - never managed that sort of performance before.

We are on starboard tack with the Autohelm set to 60 degress on wind angle and keeping pretty close to the rhumb line - XTE 1.1M after 124M - and have barely touched the sheets - don't expect it to last and it's not the wind the that was forecast nor what the GRIB file predicted - but we are out here now and no turning back. One side benefit of leaving this weekend is that we have a full moon that has been with us since 1800 and is still high in the night sky even now at 0500 lighting up the whole sea around us.

The sea is very flat, with almost no waves or swell and we are on a nice even keel, so moving around is easy and safe - Suzanne is tucked up in bed having done her 00:00 to 0300 watch and I have been watching - but for what - there is nothing out here - nothing on AIS or radar, so hence the blog update.

Tomorrow, Saturday - oh no that's now today already - is Fishing Day, we have some serious gear onboard and now we are more than 100M offshore are after some serious fish - but that's Suzanne's department.

Guys - got some great cards for my birthday - many thanks - so very kind of you all - just reminded me cos one said "Wanted - woman to cook and clean fish dig worms and make love" - well she does all that - I just take them off the hook and may have to be the one wielding the gaff hook to haul them onboard.

Will get the Kodak ready to show you all the Tuna, Marlin, Swordfish and Dorade we catch - don't worry it will all be Dolphin friendly - we always wave at them !

Best Regards

David & Suzanne Chappell

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