Clematis by Night

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 24 Dec 2011 20:29
Florida is Fun - Official by order of Suzie Too
We’ve been here a few times and loved it and it’s still just lovely (got told off last night by Bob as real men don’t say lovely – just dodgy English ones). Palm Beach, like all Florida is very neat, trimmed and tidy (just how I like my women) but there are some strange goings on.
We walked past a pet store where the puppies were in baby cots !! all priced at around USD$2,000 for the tinniest little mut you have ever seen, then there are push chairs for dogs!! – mad – and the store is really busy – a huge industry here. All the old women with their tits, lips and ear to ear grin have one as a fashion accessory – well I guess you can’t take the pool boy into town – people would talk.
On Thursday night they have a “Clematis by Night” (the name of the main street) party and we had a circus, with the most fantastic acts, live bands and a exotic array of street food. We settled into a bar with a cider for Suzanne Princess and and Erdinger Weissen Bier Nyah-Nyah and then I went to collect a huge pizza (yea, not that exotic) and we sat and watched the show – all free. At the end of the circus Santa Claus arrived on 3 elephants that stood over a cart full of fruit and veg snaffling away and looking very happy, later being America as the left in the wagon they have a 4 Police Car escort !! – then the band played into the night – sunshine and warmth make such a difference to life – never live anywhere cold - could be our new motto
Really great fun – just lovely (Opps – must stop that before I go to Key West or I’ll get myself in trouble AGAIN!!)