A Nicer Side to NY

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 28 Jun 2011 20:44
After having damage to Suzie Too, I was rather deflated when I returned to her, I’d left all my friends, my children and grandchildren back in the UK and for the first time ever I wanted to give up sailing and go back home as I missed everyone, We both found New York to be unfriendly, with Don’t do this and No don’t do that, we anchored out as we could not get into the rivers or marina’s as we were too deep at 9ft most rivers were dredged to 6ft..so we could not get ashore and marinas were not helpful when you didn’t spend $3.00 per foot per night for the mooring.  I really was not that happy about carrying on through New York Sound to Maine.  The VHF really annoyed us to, the Americans use it all the time and the language is terrible, they are not polite either.
Well, moving into Derecktors shipyard was a complete surprise to us, Derecktors is at the top of the river in Mamaroneck, a walk away from the shops and was everyone was so kind.  I started to enjoy myself again, I could get dressed up and walk into town, no wet dingy ride in, no frizzy hair or salt sprayed clothes.  And like David said I became a Desperate Housewife for 2 weeks.  My hair was trimmed, my nails painted and off I went every day to shop, explore and do normal thing.  My spirits were back to normal and I was quite enjoying myself.  Mamaroneck was a lovely little town, it had French, Italians, and Portuguese and of course Irish bars and restaurants, so a good mix.
We ate out occasionally, a beautiful French restaurant for dinner, Sushi for lunch, Irish pub for happy hour and a Guinness for David, while I had a Magners cider.  We seemed to go in Radio shack every day for bits, US mobile SIM, Data card etc, so they got to know us and every time we passed they waved.
We took the train into NY right into to Grand Central Station, fab place, we cycled around Central park in the sunshine, it was Saturday so felt friendlier, and people were sunbathing, playing baseball, singing we even had 3 weddings.  We really enjoyed the day.
Now back to reality, back on the water and we are enjoying being back out here again, the fridge is stocked and we are heading to Oyster Bay to meet up with another English Boat called Alice and then onto Mystic River.