Irene's Eye Approaches

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 28 Aug 2011 14:31
Irene must be getting closer now at 1000ET as the pressure is now down to 974mb and still falling, with wind constantly in the 50kts range. Tried again with the camera but it’s just grey water, grey rain, grey sky all being driven horizontal by grey wind.
We appear to have lost our mobile signals, so don’t worry, we are still here and Suzie Too is behaving perfectly except we seem to have a few minor leaks through some of the deck fittings. The wind and rain are so strong they are flattening the breaking waves which all have spume blowing off the tops of them, just like driving snow in an Artic blizzard, quite spectacular.
Now the thunder has come back with a vengeance as the pressure drops and the wind increases, yea, OK now it’s getting serious. Last time we got an update the low pressure was 954mb, but it shouldn’t get that low up here. I don’t expect we will see much less than mid 960’s mb, so maybe gusting at 60kts around 1400ET as it will be right over us by about then.
Reporting from the Eye of the Hurricane the Intrepid Crew of Suzie Too – “Doing it Again”