Hindeloopen to Harlingen

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 29 Apr 2008 08:44

All of 15.2 miles, set off at 1pm, through Kornwarderzand Sluis and 2 bridges, which we called on VHF 18


Weather was good, shorts weather and a good down wind sail, through these lock and bridges into the North sea, back in to tidal waters and salt water.  3 Marinas to choose from, then we find that one has a depth of over 2 metres which we both need, so they pass us through the bridge and while waiting for the lock, immigration beckon us to the side, so we have to moor against the wall in a 20 knot wind.. quite a hard task.  We had to go and get passports from our safe and show the papers and once we were cleared we could go through to the marina.



Posing downwind

Easy sailing


Along side a wall again, but a 1.5 – 2 metres tide, so had to do the lines differently a few attempts to get this right.


Got dolled up for the first time during this sailing trip and went out for a nice meal to celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss.  Next day was a Dutch holiday and there were street parties, bands playing everywhere, very entertaining.


We had 2 nights in Harlingen as we waited for a weather window to ease from 20knots to go around the Frisian Islands and into Germany and a 22 hours journey into the night, so we treated Kaikoura to a lovely Chinese meal as a send off and a good bye to Holland and here to Germany.