Nice in Nantucket

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 4 Jul 2011 12:36
We left Martha’s Vineyard early again to ride the ebb tide out to Nantucket and finally had some wind, starting at 6kts and building to about 12kts and almost in the right direction. So we hoisted all the sails and we were flying along at 10kts out hauling all the other boats, so maybe we are not so badly fouled, just probably losing around 1kt. It is interesting to see all the local boats with their shoal drafts, their heel angle is alarming they have all the crew on the windward rail and of course they have to reef early, so just cannot go to wind like us, but hey ho they can go into most places in Long Island Sound, which our size and depth preclude us from.
Suzanne had booked mooring in Nantucket on the recommendation of Aurelius and just as well, yacht after yacht was arriving calling up for a mooring only to be told they were full for July 4 weekend. This is a great place and actually feels like we are on holiday, we even got the bikes out and did an 18M round trip down to Siaconsett in the east of the island, the only thing is the fog, it rolled in at 3pm the other day, and the temperature dropped 10deg, to finally clear for the fireworks later that evening. It’s a bit like Mark and Lesley told us when we were in Melbourne, you get 4 seasons in one day – it’s just the same here.