Poland - Gdansk

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 12 Aug 2008 09:54

Hi All


Arrived in Poland, after 124 miles we arrive in Gdansk, we sailed over night, not much wind motor-sailed and then we sailed for 5 hours right into the entrance.  We had a variety of weather, including a spectacular thunderstorms and lightening, also saw 3 shouting stars then we had a heavy rainstorm and then calm so we motored again, so a bit of everything but we both got a few hours sleep to arrived quite refreshed after 17 hours then when we arrived we gained an hour as they are only 2 hours in front not 3 as in Latvia and Lithuania.  


We sailed down the massive river for 4 miles past shipyards all busy building new ships and refurbishing old ones, past the memorial where the 2nd world war started into the centre of town where we were met by the lady harbour master and shown to our berth. The fog cleared and the sun had come out so we showered and headed straight into town, we caught the ferry across the river which was 1 zt (4 to the £).  The centre of Gdansk was hopping as they had a festival on and hundreds of market stalls selling everything from amber jewellery, food, candles, dried flowers, fresh bread and plenty more were in every street in town.  The sun shone and the temp went to 27 degrees so we sat and had a beer and people watched for hours.  We then walked on the Royal mile back to the boat past all the old churches and old buildings all beautifully restored since the war.  We sat in the cockpit and got bitten to death with mosquito’s so had 4 lumps next day itch itch…. 


It started raining in the night and went on until lunchtime the next day so as you do I caught up on the blog, down loaded pictures and caught up on work things and did some washing and cooking…the chores never end just like home Oh this is home…


We set off at 12.30 heading into town to see the maritime museum, get lunch and do the streets that we had missed yesterday.  We had practically got round when the heavens opened again with winds of over 50 knots visibility went to a few feet, luckily we sheltered in the marina office until it cleared.  


Exciting night in I cooked a roast pork dinner and watched an episode of the X files and got ready for our next sail of 40 miles tomorrow.


Bye for now


Suzanne & David xxx

The team out exploring


Down town Gdansk



New mode of transport in Poland



Crane Gate, this crane used to dismast boats with a huge wooden wheel powered by men.



Gdansk marina


Suzie Too in Marina at Gdansk



View from our berth into town



Waterfront with the market stalls





Ship building



More ship building