Caribbean Arrival 11.09.500N 60.43.500W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 4 May 2010 09:41
We have flown up the coast, past Paramaribo in Surinam (Used to be Dutch Guyana), past Georgetown in Guiana (used to be British Guyana until 1966) - past that dear old Womble - the Orinoco that flows out from Venezuela and we are going to be arriving in Scarborough - bloody Scarborough for Christ's sake. All this way to the Caribbean an our landfall is the capital of Tobago and that it's name - Ah well some warm bitter, fish, chips and mushy peas with gravy with a sprinkling of Caribbean ganja. The champagne and glasses are chilling to toast our arrival - a drink for the 3 of us cos Suzie Too deserves a special thank you for getting us here so safely. 
This has been such as fast passage over 600 miles in less than 3 days - more than 200 miles each day and we get flying fish, golf ball sized phosphorescence plankton and dolphins to entertain us. Now is going to be time for some R & R we hope, well a few boat repairs as well and a trip back to the UK from 11 to 24 May
See you all soon - DnS