Transat - Day 5 15.48.10N 2459.500W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 30 Nov 2010 01:16
Day 5 and the third day of upwind sailing (one downwind, one motoring) into a wind that is between 270 and 280, exactly on the nose, so we are still tacking between heading for South Carolina or the Amazon (maybe she wants to follow in Suzie Too #2 footsteps), making 7-8kts, but our VMG to WP is only around 3kts. Heading into the night I made the call to put 2 reefs into the main and we played with the yankee to adjust for speed as we sailed upwind in 20kts pushing 26kts over the deck, banging, lumping and crashing into a very black night. We saw 2 other Super Yachts motoring past to Antigua, to meet up with their owners for Antigua Race Week, one of which was Rebecca, which I think is a 1920’s ish classic yacht.
It definitely didn’t say this on the brochure when we signed up for our second Transat, it promised balmy evenings, glorious downwind sailing and fresh fish – well one out of three will have to do. Although we have sailed well in the last 24 hours none of it was really in the right direction, so only 100M ticked off today – looks like no wind tomorrow, so I think we may well motor into the night – will let you know.
Hollie's blog
Hi everyone
I am having a great time. The last few days I have been doing quite a lot of crafty things like making necklaces , French knitting and today I made an angel for the Christmas tree. I have also been doing some maths, writing my journal and reading (so not all fun and sun Mrs Birse and Mrs Johnson!!). On one morning I woke up and through my window I saw a lovely blue sky but there was something wrong with it there were lines in it but then I realized it was the cruising chute ha ha ha ha! I am getting really excited (as I am sure you all are to ) as its nearly Christmas. On the 14th of December it will be my tenth birthday (wow) and I will be celebrating it in the Caribbean (double wow). I have seen a lot of flying fish but only three have landed on the deck (there is a cool pic of me holding one). I heard you guys at home are expecting snow you might even have a white Christmas - we won't! Hi to everyone in Meon Cross School Year 5, don't work too hard.
from Hol
1,436M to go to Bridgetown, Barbados.
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