Fish Alley

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 12 Feb 2012 02:28
We had a bit of luck fishing, although we had hooked into a couple of fish we hadn't landed any for some time, then suddenly like buses they all came along at the same time.
The first was a Wahoo on the way from Conception down to the TCIs, which we landed, Suzanne gutted and then chopped off it’s head and bagged it for the freezer.
The second one was a Barracuda which we caught on the TCI Bank as we were going down the Freighter Channel out to sea. As it was on the reef and about 6kg we cut the hook from it and put it back, not sure if it survived and maybe we should have kept it for bait, which we could even use in the lobster pot. The rule is with Barracuda if they are near the reef and over 2.5kg there is a good chance of them having Ciguatera – this is prevalent in the reef fish, particularly Barracuda and Grouper and can make you very ill.
The third was finally our first Dorade / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin Fish – it goes by at least these 3 names. I had just gone below and David had been doing a great job of clearing the lines of seaweed. I heard a shout of “Oh, there’s a yellow bag on the line” – I sprinted up the steps and Suzanne was already on the aft deck with the gaff hook as I turned the boat up into wind – we both knew what was on the line. The colour of it is absolutely stunning, just amazing, but it soon fades as it dies. This fish presented Suzanne with a challenge to filet, quite different anatomy to normal fish, with its dorsal fin bones connected to its backbone, but after half an hour we had 4 large filets. They went into the freezer to wait for the rice to make sushi and sashimi, which with wasabi and soy made a superb lunch.