Arrival Bermuda 32.22.500N 064.40.500W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 13 Apr 2011 00:13
Tonight 13 April at 0000z hrs we are exactly 100M south of Bermuda. We have heard Bermuda Radio from 140M out, so we think we must be going in the right direction. If we had a 1 degree navigation error we would have missed the island by 15M and as the horizon is only 7M at sea we would not have seen them. Makes you think about the days before GPS and Sat Nav.
We have made in it 6 days, just what we expected, but had all types of conditions and sail angles. 2 days through the trade winds, which fizzled out at 21N, then motored for 2 days through the Horse Latitudes and yesterday we had a great reach during the day. As we went into the night the wind shifted from stb tack to port tack and forgot to tell the sea, so we were getting hit from both sides with converging wave trains. Very lumpy and very bumpy and for the first time in 6,000M on this boat we got spray into the cockpit, only one wave, but bloody cheek.
As we have gone north the temperature has dropped. In Grenada the water is 28, in Antigua 26 and here in Bermuda it is 22. So at night we have put fleeces on and tonight I have socks and deck shoes on with long trousers and a fleece. But is was warm during  the day, Suzanne and I sat sheltered in the bomb bay and had afternoon tea with Greek yoghurt in our swimwear. The good news is there wonât be any more dodgy pictures of me topless in my Speedos catching fish.