Chubb Cay 25.24.000N 077.53.000W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 9 Jan 2012 22:16
We set off very early at 0400 on Sunday for a long sail across Grand Bahamas Bank, but we needed to go slowly as the water is quite shallow in places, we wanted to arrive at the North West Channel when the tide was flooding back up and with enough daylight to watch for rocks and coral heads. So quite a few parameters to take into account when passage planning, we also knew we would have a full moon with us when we left and when we arrived at Chubb Cay 100 miles away in the dark, to anchor off near Diamond Cay.
A really lovely sail, cracking along in a NE wind and over the last 10 miles we furled the headsails away to slow the boat down as we sailed in 4m of water, watching the Forward Looking Sonar display. We had a very quiet night here talked another boat “Matane” into the anchorage, crewed by a Maori Kiwi and his Japanese wife, who were very new to sailing, having bought this boat in New York with a plan to sail back to New Zealand.
Tuesday will see us sail the 33M to Nassau to meet Bev on Wednesday who is with us for the week and will arrive with a new fridge pump, 2 LED lights, the latest series of “Brothers and Sisters” on DVD and some Earl Grey tea bags for the Admiral Thumbs up