Lost at Sea

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 5 Mar 2012 17:22
Yep, Sunday was another day bashing directly into wind, no point in tacking as it would be twice as far with 2 tacks each 60 degrees (Cosine of 60 is 0.5 – this is how you calculate your VMG) off the wind, so on we go at around 4kts bashing and crashing. We took several big greenies over the bow, some real monsters, some of the biggest seas we have seen and we had a casualty – the port nav light, it got wrenched of its bracket and hung on for a few more greenies, but it went in with it’s £35 Red LED bulb, I wasn’t going forward in that sea to save it.
As always we have a back up which was the tri colour and we anchored in Five Islands Bay at Antigua around 20:00. They were very poor lights anyway, Aqua Signal made from an old tin can and slotted onto a bracket like you had on your bicycle light – so a pair of new nav lights then. In fact the stern light we use as a remote controlled boarding light, our stern nav light is on the davits, and that got pretty totalled by the dinghy strop breaking.
With that and the sail repair, North have a hi-tech loft here, we keep the yachting industry in business.