Desperate Housewifes continues..

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 19 Jun 2011 21:56
Well maybe not quite, but we did take the train into Grand Central Terminal, wow what a building, you could spend the whole day there, bars, restaurants, cafes and shops, about the smartest mall we have been in and all very stylish – fantastic. Of course what the movies don’t show you is the platforms, the dirtiest, darkest, hottest and most crowded, low roofs all black – really awful.
The train took us in through upper Manhattan, well Harlem, but all New Yorkers live in apartments building, none of them attractive (not the New Yorkers or the buildings), no balconies and of course no garden, would drive us mad. No wonder they are all in Central Park all weekend, there is nothing to do in their flat, just like boiler hens in battery farms. Even the chickens seem to do better cos they have Free Range eggs in the supermarket, so the chickens seem to get out and about a bit, a better time than your average New Yorker.
So we crossed to Broadway and walk through the open air market to Central Park, where we hired cycles and did the 6.2M circuit, stopping to see all the different areas. Then walked across the park to 5th Ave and did afternoon tea at the The Plaza Hotel in the Champagne Bar. We walked back down 5th Ave past all the designer stores and the Rockefeller Centre back to the train and back to Mamaroneck, stopping for Guinness, cider and some nachos a really enjoyable day – What did I just say we almost enjoyed NY – Oops better get back to the boat.
So Sunday we spent putting the boat back together now most of the major work has been done and Monday – well of course you remember Suzanne is of to the blacksmith to get her hooves re shod cos they have a Special on Monday.