Arrival in France 04.45.000N 51.25.000W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 22 Apr 2010 20:47
Well at around 1500 local we crossed the line from Brazil to France according to my charts, so we need to hoist the flag fro French Guyana.
We had no wind most of the day yesterday, well - we are at the western edge of the ITCZ, but Suzanne sailed superbly last night and we had made up 20 miles on Minnie B and Harmonie, who had done a lot of motoring, we were sailing at more than 10kts SOG with a favourable current.
Today has been quite good, very hot and sunny this morning, and we fired up the watermaker to fill up the tanks and it worked - Wow. Then after lunch we saw the storm clouds approaching, so we reefed down, as we did so we hooked into a fish, but before we could land it the Iridium rang, African Seawing were calling with their position as they had found an abandoned yacht with its sails flapping, going the wrong way and were worried about piracy.
So back out on deck to land the fish, then it gets it's own back and bites Suzanne's finger - so get out the first aid kit, sterile wipes, antiseptic cream and a plaster. Then back out on deck in the rain for a free shower - then the Iridium rings again - shit, lost the shower gel over the side in the rush to get to the phone.
Martha is on the phone again to say the couple were just "sleeping" and everything was OK - Yea, right in the middle of the afternoon - and it isn't even Friday, for Christ's sake !. Better not let Suzanne know that you can have your Friday Night Special on other days of the week and even at other times - otherwise all sorts of abuse may take place - Hmm - maybe though.....
Have fun - cos we are
Love David & Suzanne