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Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 25 Apr 2010 12:58
Arrived at 0100 Friday 23 April local time at Devil's Island - the Papillion one - and anchored to wait for the tide and daylight to enter Kourou. In the end we had VHF contact on the way up with Minnie B, Harmonie and we caught up with Frangipani who was in the group that set off 15 hours ahead of us.
We had a quiet night with about 5 boats in when we arrived from the first group and by 1000 probably more than 12 had arrived as we set off down the channel into Kourou. There were 4 or 5 boats in Kourou, but as we got in we couldn't understand why everybody was so worried - the anchorage had plenty of room and on neap tides enough water for us.
Friday we sorted the boat and Suzanne started working on her Photo Albums - when you look at what we have done - amazing. Then we had Phil & Norma over for lunch which was the yellow fin tuna with ginger, garlic and honey dressing and 3 bottles of wine - just the best fish lunch ever. Saturday was diesel day so Phil and I borrowed John & Beth's car and filled 150lts in containers and dinghed them out for Suzie Too and then 150ltrs for Minnie B - squeezing in a Chinese meal for lunch, shopping at Super U to get some REAL food and dinner last night at John & Beth's house.
Today it's Sunday lunch at Herve's Restaurant and the tomorrow 0815 we are off to the Arianne Space Centre, for a 4 hour tour watchingh launch videos etc - Wow !! I am really looking forward to going and again something I didn't even have on my list.