Mystic River

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 1 Jul 2011 07:56

Well we got our map and off we went exploring the shipyard, huge whaling ships all being renovated in a proper authentic working yard.  There was also a Tug display, went into all the old shops, blacksmiths, Cooperage, Sail maker and a rope maker, all the boating paraphernalia.  There were little theatre groups entertaining the children and after the shipyard was closed we could wander through again when everyone had gone home, as we were moored directly in the heart of the historical shipyard.

Next day our Cycles were out to explore the Mystic village and surrounding area, we set off and after 5 mins was sitting down to a hearty US breakfast overlooking the river, then off again to the village, again this was twiddly courtyards with gift shops where we bought ourselves 2 Copper bracelets to ward off the arthritis.

We didn’t eat out again as breakfast was huge, it kept David full all day… with the budget blown this month with the repair and Mystic charges  I am cooking on board every day and  I am making my way through Jamie Oliver’s 30 min meals recipe book, I got the book from Amazon, it actually takes me more than 30 mins but I am doing a new page once a week to put some variety into our menus as of course I can buy anything in the shops here its so unlike the Caribbean and Brazil.  I am enjoying experimenting and this week I bought myself a new gadget, a Soda stream and it works a treat, so I make my own ginger ale and tonic and David’s soda for his Campari..saves me carrying all those cans.