Not The Hamptons

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 14 Nov 2011 22:03
On Friday night we togged up and I took Suzanne out for her Birthday Night Meal to The Dry Dock restaurant at Zahnisers as we would be underway on the Sunday. We manage to get the last 2 seats at the bar at 1830 and squeezed in and had a great night, super food, a good red wine and some very interesting people. The guy next to me does work with the Ministry of Defence, had been in Iran during the time of the Shah and had given his English friends a private tour of The White House – no idea what he did for a job. Others were giving us tips on heading south, stay well to the east at the the mouth of the Potomac, keep in around Cape Hatteras, we did so much chatting we almost forgot to order our Entrees to eat at the table, after having Appetisers at the bar.
Even at the fuel dock we met a guy who had worked on the latest Augusta Westland Presidential helicopter, this really is the centre of Government around here – road signs to Andrews AFB, Langley AFB, Langley where the CIA are – be really good to come back and explore the area next hurricane season.
We didn’t expect to end up in a marina again until Charleston, but we pulled into Hampton, Virginia and anchored in the river on Sunday night. Overnight we dragged slightly, about 75 meters, so re-tried and it wouldn’t set, so after a third time of not getting the anchor to set I rang the city marina - Hampton Maritime Center.
The Dockmaster, a lady, found us space and as always came out to help, really friendly here in the nearly deep south and we discovered this is the Hampton that the Caribbean 1500 had set sail from on the previous Friday !! 62 boats that were delayed by Tropical Storm Sean from last Monday 7 Nov. Interestingly it says on the World Cruising signs “Hampton VA to Nanny Cay BVIs” and “Hampton VA to Bahamas”, didn’t know they went to the Bahamas.
But here is the Fleet Viewer, with 2 Tabs, 1 for the BVIs and 1 for Bahamas
Currently: Hampton Virginia, Chesapeake, USA