Jolly Friends

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 9 Apr 2011 15:33
We hooked up and made many new friends in Jolly Harbour, we only stayed 3 nights, but at about Â40 per night it was good value, although the electricity was 60Hz, so no washing machine or dishwasher.
We made great fiends with the boat next door, a Moody 54, Alice, owned by Andrew and Celia, met Paul & Debra on Pandora, who were the Pandora we spoke with on Christmas Night after they dragged their anchor and hit 2 boats in Tobago Cays and we caught up with Ken & Judith again on Badgers Sett. A really nice group of friends that you feel you have known a lifetime â funny old thing this cruising life. We did drinks on each others boats and went to the Pizza place on their 2 for 1 Tuesday Night Special â really nice.
But then we all set off in different ways, Alice is going the same route through Bermuda to the USA after watching Classicsâ Week in Antigua. Pandora are heading to English Harbour to carry out their repairs during the hurricane season and Badgers Sett we think are going down to Grenada to wait out the hurricanes.
This is probably our plan for the 2012 season, loiter around Grenada so that if a hurricane tracks our way we can run south and out to sea and relative safety, so we could be there from June 1 to Dec 1, but thatâs a long way off.