Hurricane Forecast 2012

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 13 May 2012 20:24
Each year as the Trade Winds fill in they can be quite strong around December and January frequently blowing at 20-25kts and then they gradually die away so that by April & May the wind is 15kts, the seas smooth and we are all sailing in a very gentlemanly fashion, boat not heeling, no drinks spilt and the non-sailing wives are happy.
Not so this year the wind has never dropped it’s still blowing 20-25kts and has been all the time we have been in the Caribbean and ever since we got back to the boat last November.
Probably the only good news is that all this wind has kept the SST down and the current forecasts are for only 10 Named Storms of which 4 will be Hurricane strength and of those only 2 will be Cat 3 or above. NOAA has not yet released their forecast - it’s due June 1, so let’s see what they think for 2012.
Which makes you think maybe we could stay and ride out whatever comes our way, but we do both need to go back, not least for our TMS Reseller Day in October – so we’ll keep thinking of a solution, maybe stay and sail, maybe Bailey, maybe Zanhisers – who knows