7 nights back to the UK

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 4 Jun 2008 08:32

Sorry there’s not been an update, we’ve been in England working and catching up with family.


Flew into Heathrow to rain…Wed,  then on Thursday & Friday caught up with the office,  Thursday night caught up with Britesparks and saw their lovely new boat (thanks for the meal Chris) , then on Saturday David family party in Padbury, then Bolton stayed in hotel, Sunday saw mum and Andy my son, went to church, went to hospital to see Dad, then drove down to Eversholt, Bedford to see David’s Dad, then Abingdon for work Monday then I caught flight Monday afternoon and David worked and caught flight Wed afternoon.  Busy time and lots of miles covered,


Saturday went to see David’s sisters and family, it was lovely seeing everyone, they had hired the village hall to hold the party in, David’s children and grandchildren where there too. Maia is now 4 and Keir now 8.  Unfortunately bought Maia her birthday present, Sindy doll with a dog and cat, only to find out that Grandma had bought the dog that poo’s and cat that wee’s…..oops


Saw my mum and Dad, he is back in hospital again for the 4th time, he collapsed last Thursday,  anyway they now have him stable again and are running tests this week.  Glad I drove up to Bolton to see him.  Took my mum to church said a few prayers for him hope it helps and caught up with my son Andy.


David drove then to Bedford and we had dinner with Dad and Zita, it was lovely to catch up with them both, they are both well and off to the Shetland next week, driving up in their motor home.  Zita is in the middle of setting up a knitting and craft stall on the web, so if anyone is interested in any home made knitted items lets me know and I can pass on the details, nice presents that are a bit different.


Good news we are glad all of our friends from the Legend association got to the Channel Islands over the Bank holiday half term, sounds like you had a very boozy time.  Hope Helen got over the shock of falling in. 


Hopefully we don’t have to come back next month so we can get to see all of Sweden and stay in Stockholm and catch up Steve, Di and Hollie


Love to you all


I will start updating the pictures and blog on Monday when we have moved on from Copenhagen




Suzanne & David & Suzie Too xxxx