Harno Inlet

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 16 Jun 2008 14:01

Heading for an anchorage on route to Nynashamn, Kaikoura arrived first and got their anchor to set on the 2nd time, we tried to set our anchor but were not happy with the hold as it was very reedy and it was also blowing up and the rain was heading our way, so we carried on to next inlet just a few mile up the same coast, we poked our nose in, to be pleasantly surprised that other boats were already moored up, so we slowly went in to the narrow inlet and followed everyone else and did our first stern anchoring to a rock face.  All went well, I dropped the anchor off the stern and gave the line to David and he drove forward keeping the pressure on the stern line towards the rock where I was to jump off the bow and secure the bow….. Sounds easy…. anyway it was as the man on the next boat helped me, the bow line had to go around the nearest tree and back onto the boat.  Anyway all secure before the rain finally came, again we sat in the cockpit and watch the storm blow through, it only lasted an hour.


Next morning we went for a walk up the rocks, unfortunately as I jumped off the boat this time I twisted my bad knee.  Ouch Ouch… strapped it up but too late it had already started swelling up, hopefully not done too much damage.


Is this close enough to the rocks

Closer as I have to jump off

The bow lines have to go around the trees in front of the boat at back

David looking cool

Don’t jump you parked well…

Lovely spot

Calm after the storm

Well earned rest, tiring stuff driving the boat, I still had to cook the supper


Anyway, we can do stern anchoring now, good job as this is a popular way in Sweden with the Island being so rocky and steep and the fjord being too deep.  Just need to rig a stanna chair lift to the bow. (Greenham’s, Keith is this a possibility? And how much?)


See you all on the next blog


Suzanne & David xx