Leaving the UK again !

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 23 Sep 2010 19:15
Getting ready for the off has been a whirlwind as we have had a time constraint against us, we have to be out of the EU by 10th October.  I have spent the last few weeks provisioning and cooking for the freezer for our trip, so we can eat in all states of seas.  This was a mamouth task. David has had to get all the electrics sorted, the wind generator, solar panels, PC, Sat phone and so much more, these tasks have not been easy either, but in the end she is ready to go and we are both happy with our new home.
Looking forward to our travels is wonderful, hotter climates, new places, more experiences, the warmth of the sun on us again, what saddens me though is leaving everyone behind, parents, children and now grandchildren, I am going to miss them so much, I am in tears every time I think about it, we both find it hard.
One day later than our original plan and we set sail, Steve, Hollie & the Britesparks came to wave us off from our berth at Royal Clarence Marina, 1800 we set off from our pontoon, saying goodbye to everyone, see Spinnaker Tower fade in the distance, we plan ahead.
We will miss you all, big hugs to everyone, see you all soon.