How the other half live in Rhode Island

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 1 Aug 2011 22:15
Today we had a rendezvous at 10am with Alice to visit Newport’s Old Quarter, stately houses, 18th –19th century building including the country’s largest collection of Colonial houses.
We had the maps out and we had about a mile to walk in the blistering heat up hill towards the cliffs where you can actually walk seeing all the famous houses and gardens from the back.  On route we passed the lawn tennis centre where Andre Agassi was playing and teaching tennis to the wealthy, not quite Wimbledon but very nice and very posh!!.
We carried on toward The Breakers which was the famous Vanderbilt mansion on the cliffs over looking the Atlantic ocean.  We walked around the gardens, but at $20 dollars each to see inside we didn’t bother we seen old houses before.  We visited the reception area and the tourist shop and the restrooms that was enough for us.  We left the gang from Alice as they were interested enough to pay the dues and made our way back along the Cliff path to Easton bay then back into the city again.  With a quick stop and the Stop & shop for a few fridge supplies.
The town was now much quieter and it was lovely to wander around and sit people watching for a while.
Love to all from us, having a fab time in New England its so pretty and everyone is holiday mode...