Rendsburg to British Kiel Yacht Club

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 4 May 2008 18:27

Another glorious day, had our breakfast at the marina sat overlooking the harbour, today was the start of the season for the German yacht club and they were holding a regatta, they had bunting up and they were preparing tables and festivities for their members.  We had a full German breakfast scrambled egg, crab, hams, cheeses all on a nice platter, fresh orange and earl grey Tea. Lovely!!  Cost 21 euros though the exchange rate is not good and its making everything seem really expensive.


After breakfast we cycled around Rendsburg, pretty German town buts its not like England, all the shops were closed, Sunday is still a rest day but we found a bank that accepted our card and got some money.


After a leisurely morning we set off at 1pm to complete the Kiel Canal to the Holtenau lock, with floating pontoons, here you have to pay for the privilege of passing through the canal, 38 euro, we then motored into the Kieler Forde, where it was breezy and choppy to the British Yacht club


Our 1st attempt at pile mooring, which went wrong as we bent a stanchion as line got caught, another £50.00.  While David is at the wheel controlling the boat and driving her through the 2 pile I have to loop long line on the piles at either side, tie the lines off and then run forward to take the bow lines, jump off the boat at the front onto the pontoon.  I think he thinks I am wonder woman as this is an impossible feat on a boat this size as the bow is 6 foot high off the pontoon…and 6 foot away from the pontoon. .Not sure if the legs, knees or if I can take this, the whole event upset me and spoilt a wonderful day.  Managed it though and after we had got settled, we were told we would have to move as this was somebody’s private mooring, so had to go through it all again not a happy bunny now.


Even after getting upset I still managed to make a roast dinner for 5 on Suzie Too and we had drinks at the Yacht Club the drinks were extremely cheap Army prices 80 cents for a Baileys’ ice in fact I had a double, still shaking for my ordeal.  Steve and Di were a great comfort to me but still felt crap.


We have done a total of 582 miles so far on our trip and we have been away 3 weeks and 3 days not bad for such a short time.


Didn’t know we had to sail with cranes

Moored up at British Kiel Yacht club, peaceful night





Suzanne x