Sailing to New York City 35.30.000N 70.00.000W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 25 Apr 2011 23:46
Corrected Waypoint
One of the big concerns on this leg of our journey was crossing the Gulf Stream, getting the wind and weather right to get through safely. Obviously we wanted to make sure we had no northerly wind, but as the current also runs west to east, we didnât want any easterly wind either. So that only left us with winds from the south west, which fortunately is the predominate direction.
As one of the few licensed MaxSea users out here I am able to get ocean currents, sea surface temperatures, swell height and direction and of course wind and pressures. This gave me a very clear image of the Gulf Stream and you can pick out the eddies and counter currents to minimise any foul current conditions and speed your passage through.
Rather than steer a simple 330M direct to New York I wanted to work out a better route. Anyway after much research and investigation I set a waypoint at 35.30N 70.00W and marked this as the entry point for the Gulf Stream. I set the sea temperature alarm at 23 degrees, expecting this to be the southern edge. Sure enough as we were about 12M south the sea was kicking up just as you get in any tidal race, the wind picked up, working in conjunction with the current and the SST alarm went off. How about that for good navigation!!
Anyway it is too early to say, but we have not had much current against us at all, only up to 0,3kts all the way up to this waypoint and at the moment we are making over 9kts, with 2,5kts of east bound current steering 340M directly for the Hudson river entrance. So to you guys coming up later, Alice, Minnie B and Seaduced etc it seems to be working. We have about only about 50M to get through of east bound current to exit the Gulf Stream at this point, so we should know how we have done well before breakfast on Tuesday morning â Watch this space!