Waiting for Irene 41.54.850N 73.57.700W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 26 Aug 2011 21:48
We have been going up river most of the day and there is NOWHERE to anchor between Sandy Hook and bloody Canada, so we have given up. We are 75 miles up at Rondout Creek, near Kingston, we can’t get into the creek even though there is enough water cos some idiot made the first bridge only 56ft and the second is 86ft – how stupid is that – our mast is 80ft.
So we are in the middle of the river with 2 anchors down in tandem, our 40kg Delta and a Fortress, on 60 meters of chain with another 40 metres as back up in about 7 metres with no one around us and not a roof or tree within 1/2 mile of us and no other boats. We get some wash as the motor boats race north, but we don’t expect there will be many boat movements over the weekend.
So we will put the tender into the water, so we can escape to shore if things go bad, reduce windage and then sit on anchor watch in our life jackets doing whatever is necessary to keep ourselves and Suzie Too safe, but we don’t expect to get more than 50kts of wind and Suzie Too can handle that and with a 160hp engine we can drive into most shit we get thrown at us as long as we don’t get anything washed down around our prop.
Anyway will get an update in the morning