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David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 11 Mar 2011 15:33
Hi Gang
Phil from Minnie B just sent us this link from forum â news from Prickly Bay
I've just received this message from Rikky from de Big Fish.
we had one of our worst nights last night at the Big Fish. At about 9pm I got a telephone call saying that we were being called on the VHF because someone had apparently hit the navigation marker (leaving from the coastguard into the bay), a dinghy was afloat but no one was to be found.
Chris from Xacali had heard the impact and was on the scene as soon as he could. Jackie raised the alarm on the VHF. Kim called the coast guard to get assistance. It turned out that (name removed) had borrowed someone's dinghy to go back out to his boat, from the restaurant, to pick up a friend and had hit the marker, seemingly got knocked out and drowned. Stephan from Free Spirit actually dove and recovered the body, after about a 20min search. Stephan, Chris, Nico (French guy from TAO) and myself then tried CPR for about 45mins, but he was pronounced dead by the time an ambulance arrived. I am sure you knew (name removed) and would have thought you would have wanted to know
Since this only happened last night, I have removed the victim's name for obvious reasons.

I wonder how long will it take the Grenada Coast Guard to replace the light bulb on this marker?