Americans in Anguilla

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 21 May 2012 21:54
Over the weekend we sailed across to Crocus Bay, Anguilla (about 12M away) an anchorage recommended by Magic and hit the beach – almost our first day on the beach this time. They have a great facility with, bar restaurant, posh loungers with mattresses, an umbrella boy and cocktail waiters, even WiFi (which we have struggled with in FWI) – all very 5 Star.
They have a jetty for the RIB and we had taken the snorkel kit and went off to Pelican Point to chase the turtles and frighten the fish – neither of whom took any notice of us. As we came back a couple of Americans stopped us and asked us about the beach and the snorkelling – they had set up camp on the loungers next to us and were hitting the beer and cocktails hard.
You know how it is – you just arrived on holiday – you need a good boozy session to clear your mind of all the land crap you have to deal with – and they seemed very accomplished at the task in hand. I have to say they were just the nicest, friendliest bunch, with a real sense of humour (yes, that’s right I did say they were Americans and had a sense of humour – from Chicago – maybe they’re different up there) anyway there were 10 of them and they go away for a week together each year.
Back home they don’t see that much of each other, but on holiday they just drop right back in with each other all bound together by love and friendship, sometimes as many as 7 couples. We are also privileged in the same way, cos when we bought our first yacht, a Hunter Legend, we made such special friendships, and are able to do the same, they allow to drop straight back into the group without missing a beat – very special.
Day 2 we rendezvoused on the beach and took them out to Suzie Too on the RIB and they drinking continued – well until the beer ran out. We all dived off the boat, did a few circuits and the wicked jokes and fun just kept coming, then it was back to the beach bar for more beer and a very late lunch – and BTW thanks for lunch   Smile 
Thanks Guys – a couple of real fun days – stay in touch and we’ll get you out sailing next year  Hot smile