Bottom Cleaning

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 1 Aug 2011 21:05
As we went ashore over the weekend, we picked up some business cards from the Newport Shipyard and put in a call to one that seemed OK, we got a price, not as cheap as the Caribbean and as we made our way back in the RIB from West Marine there he was, well or not, as he was under the boat.
He used a compressor and a long line rather than a cumbersome tank, when we arrived he was just going around for the second time – well we know it was bad, barnacles and what he called “mussel beds” as well as being full of baby shrimp – one of his comments was “What were you thinking”. So our Sunday routine once a month will include a dive to clean her off ourselves, as long as the viz is good, the water is not too cold, there is no current and no bloody sharks!!
He also changed the prop anode, which was OK, but was rattling loose, so we should now be OK for the run down to Chesapeake Bay. His wet suit was alive with baby shrimp, so I need to get a dive hood, cos if they get in your ears they drive you mad (you have to put bleach or alcohol on a q tip). The jury is no out on our ultrasonics, we will have to have a further test.
BTW the clicking sound at night has now stopped, so we think it must have been our mussel farm, feeding away in the current – Oopps – how embarrassing.