The "Race" is over

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 14 Dec 2009 06:24
Well again we have no wind, about 8kts from astern and we are wing on wing with the chute and genoa, floating along at 5kts with the Bose cranked up and no neighbours to complain on this Sunday morning. The sun is hot 36deg, we have put the side in the bimini cos we are getting burnt by reflected UV from the sea, real beautiful blue water, no wonder they call it blue water sailing.

Bit of excitement lunchtime, the snap shackle on the genoa halyard parted company and the genao ended up on the deck, so a quick hoist up the mast for yours truly, to bring the head car down, while the chute was still up to keep the boat powered up and not let it roll too much. Quick panic cos I thought the halyard had gone, but ours are wire spliced to rope so very strong, we were fortunate it was calm and in the daytime. I just spoke with Fidelio tonight, the Halberg Rassey 46, and they had the same thing happen halfway across Biscay and their genao did go in the water and was very difficult to retrieve. Anyway no piccies, but I changed the shackle and re-hoisted and we were away in about half an hour.

A few useless things on the boat now, Eberspacher heating, electric blanket, duvet, Musto base layer, Musto mid layer, Musto HPX Ocean and MPX offshore oillies, woolly hats, winter gloves, Dubarry waterproof boots, Polartec fleeces for those cooler Spring and Autumn evenings. 100 metres of 12mm multibraid, 100 metres of 16mm multibraid, storm try sail, Jordan series drogue - well you could say that about the EPIRB and the liferaft, but I won't tempt fate.

I think some boats are going to be very low on diesel, we are down to 1/4 tank, but the smaller boats must be very low, hopefully those with 4 crew are well provisioned and have enough water. This is just a matter of getting to Brazil before Christmas, the race is really over, Vita the Halberg Rassey 45 is motoring all the way - you will see her romping through the fleet. I know some boats have a few problems, nothing major, but some will have work to do on their boats over the Xmas holiday, couple of generators causing problems, radar not working, couple of boats leaking and those involed in whale strikes will need to be hoisted out.

Best Regards

David & Suzanne

Moody 49 "Suzie Too"
Transat Race Team