Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 30 Aug 2009 18:49

So far we have sailed 1750 miles, 76 miles today sailing in a force 7 from Gibraltar to Cadiz in Spain, we set off at 4am from Marina Bay, Gibraltar in the pitch dark there wasn’t even a moon.  Surfing down the waves under Genoa only at 11 knots rounded Cape Trafalgar for the second time back into Spanish territory.


We are now anchored behind the old town of Cadiz recovering from our marathon journey, using our mooring buoy all the time now so we can see where our anchor is and so can everyone else..  We were woken this morning by a tug, tapping on our hull asking us to move down the anchorage as they were pulling a huge ship into the dry dock.  So quickly pulled up the anchor, caught the mooring buoy and reset all before 8am.


Once awake we got going, we ribbed our bikes ashore and cycled finding our way around the old walled city.  Cadiz is a sprawling city, with huge beach’s spanning miles, so lots of cycling but at least it was all flat, my calf’s have not recovered from the walking down the Rock in Gibraltar. Lunched at the Spanish time 3pm and took a siesta plus, we are both getting accustomed to this way of living.


Decided to spend another night here as so peaceful and free, will hit the town again tomorrow before moving up to Faro where we are going to visit an island for a few days, hopefully to hit the beaches to top up the tan etc.


Love to you


Suzanne & David