Just Paradise

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 10 Jan 2010 03:20

Brazil is an understate country and more people from the Uk should visit, it’s just beautiful.  I think the only barrier is the language as no one speaks English.


We left Salvador, it was hot and sticky in the marina on the 4th Jan, we should of left on the 2nd but had to have a repair done on the rib as the bracket that attached the rib to the davits had come apart.


The sail down the coast line was just lovely, we had a lovely breeze, cool air at last was wonderful, we are wearing only swimwear at the moment anything else is too hot and uncomfortable.  We headed south of Salvador 35 miles to Morro de Paulo an Island with no cars, the taxis are wheelbarrows pushed by the locals it has only sandy streets, no pavement or roads. The next day we went 5 miles further down the river to a less remote Gambor which was so picturesque, the beach was so long & white, it had little bars spotted around and a local shop on the main street and very colourful people and houses.  We spent a few nights at anchor here as its was Paradise….








Santa was still around as they celebrate 6th January.




These are the taxi drivers, fit…






Wading out for the taxi ride back to Suzie too.




Night time in the square




Any cocktail you like, mixed with fresh fruit on the streets.




Gamboa high street




Pink clay baths on the beach, all free, just help yourselves.


What a wonderful few days visiting this Island, would love to come back and visit, we all felt so at peace here.  I even went to the local church, knelt down and prayed for you all, especially Di with the awful trauma you are going through at the moment,  I hope it helps!!


Caroline, I also prayed for you, hope your Parkinson’s is no worse.


Today, I am looking forward to Andy my son coming out for a holiday, he arrives on the 9th Jan and then on the 10th we say goodbye to 11 boats that head North to Rio and pick up the rally next year.  We are sad to see lots of our friends leaving us.  We wish them a safe journey and pray that we will meet up with them again in the future.


Love to you all Suzanne & David xxxx