Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 18 Jul 2008 10:33

34 miles through rocks, wind from the south and averaging 15-20 knots, sailed with all our 3 sails up doing an average of 8 knots!  We were flying passing all the native boat and having a great time.


First time using finger pontoon ( like the ones in Cherbourg, very wobbly), moored up outside the marina office and right next to the ferry that takes you ashore every 10 minutes.


The harbour master was diving in the berth next door as they had dropped their mobile phone in the water, he was trying to retrieve his sim, we asked if he could check our gear underwater as the wheel was rather stiff, Suzie Too was at 4999 miles in total since we bought her 2 years ago last May.  Everything was fine and he drew a picture of the dent in our keel which happened in Utklipen where we hit a rock in the harbour.


We set off to explore town, which was a one street town but all the basic facilities, came back and got ready for going out for a meal with the Kaikoura’s as this is the last night with them for a while as they head for Tallinn and then to pick up a friend while we are on to Helsinki for a few days, catching them up in 10 days time.  We had been recommended a restaurant on the front, it looked quite posh and was lovely, we had the most beautiful meal and wine and service.  Inside was all the rock and they had set candles into the rock and let the candle wax run down in many colours very different and made the place have a cosy feel.


Next day we had a beach day, sat and sunbathed for a few hours, got ready in the evening and walked around the harbour again through a late night market selling fish, fruit and veg and ice creams, we ended up back at the same restaurant but this time had the Finnish set meal with 4 courses.  Fresh raw herring to start on rye bread, fish course with different sauces then lamb was the main dish done in garlic and with pulses then a lovely fruit compote all washed down with a good bottle of red.    Brandy’s on the deck of Suzie Too to end a fine day.


Next morning we set off on our way towards Helsinki planning to take 2 days to get there.


Suzie Too moored up amongst rock in Hanko marina

Looking at all the rocks we’d past coming into Hanko….

More rocks in marina entrance

Hanko high street

Which way next?

Main shopping street

Pretty town square, pink my favourite colour

Maypole in beach next to marina


Marina restaurant on the rocks


We really enjoyed Hanko and the beach and the laid back feel but time to move on again on route to Helsinki.


Love to all at home in the UK and Australia


Mark & Les – hope the house is nearly completed send me some pictures on email, use the Suzanne {CHANGE TO AT} tmsols {DOT} co {DOT} uk email then I can save them to my laptop


Love Suzanne & David xxxxx