Suzie Too - Anchor Tips

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 4 Dec 2011 16:20
We have been here in City Marina at Charleston SC for almost 2 weeks while the guys have been all over the boat finalising the warranty issues, which with a week or so getting back in the water in Solomons Island means we are very late running south and although daytime temperatures are in the low 20’s any wind from the north is cold and at night it’s around 10 degrees. Anyway, the main guy here is French, Jean Michel at St Barts Yachts, and what he doesn’t know about Beneteau warranty is not worth knowing, even the factory says he the best guy and a real sailor, so we got on well as they don’t get many of us, most customers are just marina hoppers.
It has been like having building work done at home, guys tearing up the bathrooms, replacing mirrors then you are not sure if you can use the heads / make a cup of tea and of course tidying up and cleaning the boat each night. We have done 10,000M in one year which is equivalent to more than 10 years sailing for most boats, so we are not unhappy, pleased that she is so strong and safe and is still under the 3 year extended warranty.
But while JM was on the boat I asked him a few questions and recommendations and he was rather horrified by our anchor shackle – I mean it’s the one that came with the boat, but I have looked at it before and been concerned about the loading. Our chain is 1/2” and loads to around 3,000Kg with a breaking load of around 8,000Kg, but the stupid shackle 3/8” a typical Made in China cast one with a Safe Working Load at around 1,000Kg is much less. So JM brought down a Made in USA forged one which at 5/8” with a 3,000Kg SWL was the largest shackle pin that would go through the chain and now we will be much safer at anchor
Anyway take a look at for the loading on your chain
I know the old shackle looks rusty, but when you use Monel seizing wire it seems to cause galvanic corrosion, but then you don’t worry too much, as once the shackle pin rusts it won’t come undone – not even when you want it to !