More of Poland's coast

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 15 Aug 2008 11:20

We have visited a few places on the Poland coast over the last few days, places we have never heard of  Wladyslawovo Pronounced Vah-dih-swa-vo-vo which is a mouthful when you have to say it on the radio. And Leba pronounced Web-ba.


Both places are beach resorts and a bit like the east coast of England very touristy, but lovely beaches the only problem is that we don’t have beach weather, the weather had turned and the last two days we have been storm bound in Leba, waiting for a window to get out and head further back to the UK at we have about 800 miles to do to get back to Portsmouth.  The surf was massive into the harbour, the swell was quite unpleasant over night and our lines are wreaked.



Yacht and fishing Harbour at Wladyslawovo, we moored against the wall amongst the fishing boats.


Our pontoon, the storm blow in on Saturday and built up in the night, we actually snapped 2 lines in the night so up at 4am

re tying the boat back to the pontoon.

David had to crawl on his hands and knees up this wooden pontoon as it was unstable in the storm to retie new lines. 

While I held on the boat and passed the new line to him and retied us back securely, we got wet through so at

4.30am this morning we were wide awake drying ourselves off and having tea and toast as we were hungry after all the excitement..


Swell into the harbour



A bit windy


Watching the surf build



Going to wait till tomorrow to head out didn’t fancy heading out of this entrance in this swell.


Love from Suzie Too and its crew  xxx