4 lovely Islands on the way to Hanko

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 13 Jul 2008 06:03

Hi Guys


We set off on the 13th July on our way to Hanko and Helsinki, the wind was about 15-20 knots in a South westerly direction, so sailing down wind.  We island hopped to Korpo, Gullkrona, Helmsinholmen and Hogsara.  All lovely little Islands with very little other than one marina pontoon, a sauna and a shop which sells the typical black tea cake and local smoked fish.  All very pretty though and all the Finnish people were so friendly giving us advise where to stop next and what to do etc.


The Island at Hogsara was slightly bigger and had a farmer’s café on the other side of the island.  We walked to this at lunchtime and had fresh Blackcurrant cheesecake, delicious, only to find out that this same evening they had live music on at 6pm with a set Finish meal of meatballs and mash potatoes.  So we decide to head back to watch this after our sauna which was booked for 3.30pm.  The weather was great so after 10 minutes in the sauna we did like the locals went for a cool dip in the water and when our time was up David went back to the boat in the rib and I swam back to boat.  We both lay on the back of the boat and had afternoon nap one of our first in the whole journey.


6pm we arrive back at the farmers café to find no seats left, as there was about 120+ locals at the event, must be when they get together at these events.  2 guys where singing and playing their accordion and guitar, not bad either, we knew some of the tunes but all the words were in Swedish so we just joined in with the clapping.  As usual it all finished by 8.30 and everyone left to go home, everywhere we have been too closes early is all finished by 9pm.  At the beginning of the evening we were approached by Barry Davies another English sailor who keeps his boat in Mariehamen, he had been looking for the owners of the UK boat in the harbour as he had never seen another English boat in the marina before.  He had been visiting this island for 3 years and we were the first in this marina so he was desperate to talk to us.


More Islands

Hope you don’t have a fire…Mercedes though might start

Anchored at Hogsara

Waiting for my lunch

Farmers Café….delicious

Walk through Island

Posing on rocks at Gullkrona

Also posing on rocks

Locals were friendly

Local conveniences

Mode of transport between Islands

Shop &  bakery on Gullkrona


Wont you !!!!!