Lost in Fog 39.06.750N 73.04.000W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 27 Apr 2011 11:21
This morning sees us 100M off the coast, with the sea temperature dropping dramatically, sea fog closing down and lees than half a mile, now on the North American continental shelf in 80m of water, rain overnight and if we didnât have so much wind (26kts right up the chuff) I could see my breath. The sea is now less than 9Â, whereas in the Gulf Stream it peaked at over 24Â and that was just a day or so ago. We were buzzed last night by a USCG P3 Orion ocean patrol aircraft, so they will have seen us, read our AIS details and know we are on schedule in line with the data sent to them from Bermuda Customs & Immigration.
We managed to jury rig the main halyard yesterday without a climb up the mast, yea I know Dame Ellen does it but she is half my size and age, although I have been up mid ocean on the Moody on our first Transat to Brazil. Anyway, we used the running check stay as the topping lift to support the boom and then used the topping lift as the replacement main halyard. What a difference, stopped the roll and an extra 2kts, shame we lost 12 hours without it, but solving the problem was a struggle in daytime, let alone doing it in pitch dark.
So itâs hot food all round, with porridge this morning, corned beef hash (no beef allowed to be taken in to the US) and mash for lunch.