Marigot Bay St Martin

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 27 May 2012 15:17
Marigot Bay is the main bay off the French town of St Martin and it has a very nice marina, Fort Louis, to complement those inside Simpson Bay on the Dutch side. We have enjoyed being in France, great wine, superb food and just lovely to speak Franglais again.
Today we had no real plan, take the trash, clear out at Customs, hit the Supermarché for provisions and then we stopped for lunch – Wow - a great place La Tropicana in Port Royale – not the place in the piccies – that was the Cafe in the Boatyard !!
Anyway after lunch Suzanne made another visit to the swimwear shop, next door,  and left me in the restaurant finishing the Bordeaux rouge and an hour later she came back a few hundred Euros lighter – so will get some piccies later Smile with tongue out
We are going to Ile de Pinel over “le weekend”, we couldn’t go earlier cos a small aircraft had crashed into the sea off Ile Tintamarre, a private island, and the French Coastguard had set up and exclusion area while they picked up parts – bodies and wreckage, apparently. Now, this week, the winds should be lighter so it ought to be easier on the east of the island and will give us a better angle on the run down to St Barth’s and then on to Antigua via the Islands in the Clouds. These are Saba, St Eustatius, St Kitts and Nevis, so called because by lunchtime their peaks are in clouds as the warm moist sea air rises above them. From there we will sail down towards Montserrat, the British island that we evacuated after the volcano destroyed and buried Plymouth, before tacking north east back up into Falmouth Harbour