Grenna then on to Paradise Anholt

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 22 May 2008 09:34

Today we set off for a 25 mile sail, but had almost no wind all the way up to Grenna Haven, it was very warm up to 31 degrees in the cockpit, and  we arrived to an alongside berth for boats over 13m so at 17m with davits we qualified. Cost was 175 DK = £17.50 not bad, good facilities with washing machines & dryers.  There was an Ocean Marine Sea Life Centre and a town, but this was a 4k bike ride away.  \\so we cycled into town, which is not terribly exciting and bought a new toaster as we have been having either warm bread or burnt toast for the last few days. Shopping up here seems OK, but just like anywhere good for buying clothes and shoes, but nothing for the boat. We picked up some Danish pastries and had Pimms on the aft deck with cakes, very civilized sitting on the boat catching the last of the rays just lovely.


We decided to have an early start next day at 7am as we were sailing to the island of Anholt, which was supposed to be beautiful.  Well the book was right, the marina was next to one of the longest sandy beaches ever, with shallow water which was 19 degrees, just ideal for swimming and there was not a soul on it….paradise.


The first thing we did was hatch a plan, I walked over to the local fishing boat had a very stilted conversation with the fisherman and bought £10.00 worth of langoustines, he filled half a M & S carrier bag.  I then split this in half and took half to the beach with a chilled bottle of Chablis and 4 glasses where we set up camp in the sand dunes.  Di and Hollie swam and the rest of us just sunbathed and read books, chilling down even more.  After showering, later that evening we went back to the beach and had a camp fire to watch the sun go down on the beach, the sand got rather cold by 8pm, but we gather round the campfire to keep warm, just bliss.  Went to bed that night rather smoky.


The next day after a lie in we had a full English breakfast on Kaikoura and set off to explore around the island, we walked up the main hill and for miles, looking at a beautiful landscape and beach scene, looking to see if we could see any of the famous seals, but unfortunately we saw none.  We later stumbled across a bar doing lunch, I think Steve could smell the beer so we sat in the beer garden for hours, had the local food of meatballs and cold potato salad and then walked back the beach way to the marina.  Hollie made friend with 2 local girls and had a brill time playing in the sea with them while we all caught the last of the rays and debated on if we should spend another day there as it was so beautiful.  The locals told us that in July and August they have up to 6000 people visiting everyday by ferry and boat, we were lucky if we had seen more than 20 people in the 2 days.  What a lovely island will remember this fondly.


Local fish shop

3 oldies having a rest and catching their breathe looking at the views

Keeping warm with fire and rum

Lunchtime bar, with lovely wall sea scene

Hiking over the hills

At the café for full English breakfast