Finally Florida

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 7 Dec 2011 19:15
We set off from Charleston at first light on 5 Dec to catch the ebb tide and maximise the distance we hoped to make, all the way to Savannah 86M in daylight. As we got out of the river and past the training walls, the swell was enormous, only 10kts of wind but 30kt seas, so rock and roll again. It’s no wonder they built an ICW, it can be so lumpy and unpleasant out here in our big boat, but in a little shoal draft US boat it could be dangerous.Sick smile
By mid morning the wind had filled in and we were running at 10kts downwind, the sun was shining and it was getting warmer, we motored sailed for some of the way and did a early evening entry into Savannah which was well lit and had leading lights. We found a great anchorage off Oyster Bed Island, which we left again at first light to head the 83M to Fernandina Beach in Florida, as we had heard good things about the place.
Another evening entry, not as well lit as Savannah and some of the buoys not lit, but safely in and anchored. Well what a place, just huge factories all making paper and spewing out smoke, steam and Christ know what all with Amtrak trains and cargo tankers, not impressed, but we will head into town as the Pilot Guide says it’s lovely – well it couldn’t get worse.
Then it’s straight from here 150M to Port Canaveral as there is nowhere for us to pull in, it’s all too shallow and dangerous with strong currents in onshore winds, but at 30:40.480N we are only 40M away from being sub tropical Hot smile