Back in Portugal and getting ready for the trip to Madeira

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 26 Sep 2009 19:43

Back in Portugal and getting ready for the trip to Madeira


Well it’s not rained here for 3 months and we have dust everywhere.


 Suzie Too’s bottom was hairy and slimy (not nice) and our Master volt has still not been returned so we are still waiting…..


Also we need to stock the boat with food and beer.


So no rest for us for the next week.


I  have found the supermarket which is a taxi drive away, so now planning recipes that just use one pan only.  I have a electric pan which saves on the gas, also the heat as its too hot to put the oven on.  Any recipes will be gratefully received….


Then we took the bikes off the boat and went exploring visiting boat yards as we have decided to get her bottom washed before our long trip as we will gain a knot in speed with a clean bottom.  Got a lift now booked for Monday at 11am for £500.00 for lift out and in also wash off, also 2 nights on the hard to get all the other bits done.  New filters on the outside of the hull on the generator and water maker pick up so they don’t get blocked as much.


We cannot stay on the boat in the yard so off we go again on the bikes and look for a cheap hotel for 2 nights within access of the marina.  Found a hotel for 65 euros called the Globe which includes breakfast it looks ok and is a 3* , so hopefully its ok, will let you know.


Portimao marina is lovely, there are lots  of different nationalities which are staying here for the winter, the town is old and quaint with a lovely yacht club, which I have booked for David’s birthday on 27th cannot believe he is 55..  The beaches are long and have a boardwalk which you bike along, we went for a bike ride last night once the heat was out of the day and biked for miles into the next town towards Lagos, there’s nothing but barren dry land once you go past the touristy bit.  So we had to stop and quench our thirst at a bar, a Magners cider and a beer for David and we felt better, ready for the uphill climb back to the marina.


A few pictures of Portimao






Marina frontage




The bikes out again!!




Lovely beaches miles long and so clean



 The sea was rolling in today




A beautiful little lunch place about 3k outside the main Portimao


Have a look at the rids new web site at and see where we are going.  Just hope this Mastervolt comes in the next few days.



Love to you all


Suzanne & David