Sailing along the Polish coast

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 19 Aug 2008 11:11

Well we now know what a Baltic swell is, uck!!, it’s got a funny choppy motion, it also has been quite windy F 5 – F6 so the sea has got quite stirred up and lumpy.  We end up aborting one trip and motoring into Ustka after 20 miles as we all felt sick with the sea motion.  Another typical seaside resort long beach and promenade, we moored up on the harbour wall with no facilities but a very pleasant feel to it.  I helped a German boat moor, caught his lines for him as he was a single handed sailor, later we asked him to join us for a drink and discuss our options on which of the German harbours to visit.  He gave us his recommendations and we added a few to our passage planning.


Next day we set off early to Kolobreg pronounced Co-wob-jeck, this time the passage was easy as the swell had died and we actually got a lovely sail 50 degrees to the wind down the Polish coast, they have lots of lovely sandy beaches.  When we arrived the marina was full and our boat was really to big so we ended up mooring in the fishing harbour against a quay wall and big rubber tyres, we are used to this kind of mooring now and I managed to tie the lines onto the quay without hurting myself.   It was a stretch up to the quay side and down to the boat but we managed.  


It was a lovely sunny evening so we walked around to the harbour and met with Kaikoura in the old castle ruins which had been turned into an outside bar and music area.  We had a well earned beer and discussed our journey and food, we decided to ate on board and pool our food together so we opted for a BBQ and cooked our pork steak and chicken legs and a feast was produced and cooked by our chef Steve.  We even had a live band and firework display.  We had a lovely night and a very peaceful sleep on the quay.


Away at 7am next morning as off to Germany another 70 mile sail.




Busy Polish beach, very like the East coast of England beaches.



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