Bimini Islands 25.42.100N 079.18.500W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 7 Jan 2012 20:46
From Miami to North Bimini is only about 50M, not even a Channel Crossing. The wind wasn’t ideal as it was NW, then N then NE and finally we motored into an Easterly wind, but the seas were fine. I tell you these Americans are shit scared of their own shadow, they sit and worry about the weather and everyone is an expert (I listen to all, absorb anything interesting and disregard 90 per cent of it) but mostly they sit and wait and wait.
We tried to get into the channel at North Bimini and touched on the sand, where the chart indicated 4 metres, so we decided to anchor out, which has been fine. The only bad news is that I have been back in the elasticated lurex speedos swimming again, so ladies you may need to look away. We cleared in on Saturday morning, with Customs and Immigration flying our Code Q flag, after I had a Fish Stew for breakfast and then walked around the island which took all of 45 minutes, but it is really pretty. I mean it’s like someone said “It’s paradise if you can stand it” – nothing here, nothing to do, could easily drive you mad.
We went in slowly in the RIB and and I saw a barn door flip out of the water – Uh, what was that – keep looking there it is again and we notice massive rays below us, probably 2 metres across their wing tips (maybe that should be fin tips). Then a guy at the dock told us to be careful and not speed past them as he was on fishing boat in Florida doing 30kts and one flipped out of the water and hit a woman on the boat and killed her !!
But tonight we have a full moon anchored out here in turquoise blue crystal clear water that is 25C, just the sound of waves breaking on the beach and a gentle swell to rock us to sleep later plus the freezer is back to –12C – couldn’t be better.